Season 2, Episode 2, The Great I Am
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Season 2, Episode 2, The Great I Am

A Few Poems Picked BY Mary Lou

One day I asked Mary Lou to read through the 3 books and pick a few poems she liked.  I wanted her input and participation in the podcast .  When I saw the books there were so many colored tabs in God’s Rhyme I look like a turkey spreading it’s feathers.  That apparently was her favorite book as the other two had far fewer colored tabs.  Or maybe she just ran out of colored tabs, that’s what I’m going with.

From God’s Rhyme one of the poems she chose is “Have You, Have I “

This is about sharing our faith.  Do we do it often enough?



Have you seen how beautiful is grace?                

Have you felt the comfort of His embrace?           

Have you looked into your neighbor’s face?         

Have you heard the sweetness of the sound?      

Have ever you been lost, but now are found?      

Have you known a love that is never bound?       


Amazing how our daily lives never end,                                

How a thoughtless word said never seems to mend,            

How amazing the ease with which we pretend                  

To be as one whether stranger or friend.                               


Forgive us Lord for what we do not say.  

Please  forgive us Lord each and every day. 

You are waiting and we get in the way,  

Wanting the world, knowing that we should pray.  


Without You in our lives who can we be?  

Without forgiveness how can we be free?  

It is only with You that we can see

That without Your grace there is only me. 

© 2019 by Tim Carter

I think the last ling of thisd poem is what I wanted to write as the last line of the poem Creativity.  Creativity Is a little different, but I like it.  It speaks to me.



like a knife rifled thru the still air

your thoughts are stifled by those who care,

unnoticed by you at that minute

when you first take view of your limits.


all around are sounds

that abound & drown


thinking maybe it’s spring –

annually this comes you say,

but does it really every year 

or is it only Friday waiting?


take a trip somewhere afar

to air the brain anywhere by car.

take life & strip the walls away,

relieve the strain of care today.




the blue with hues

so few can view


take a trip home to find 

just if you are really that kind

who when alone can thru your eyes see

beyond the stars to what you can be.


truth, the saying doesn’t ring,

perhaps it’s more than just the day.

perhaps you’ve stopped looking in the mirror

to see it’s only you that’s waiting.


Just a poem, an exercise in creativity.  It was probably a bad day also.  But more than an exercise on a bad day, I think that this was a acknowledgement that the way of the world isn't the answer.  

© 2019 by Tim Carter

This one is the other side of my poetry.  

From God Still Rhymes This poem is titled “Who Am I.”  Right before the Closing Prayer, this was my almost last thought.


Jesus asked his disciples,

“Who do you say I am”?

Who did they think he was?

And in times of doubt I ask myself,

“Who do I think I am?”

At these times in my life

I know I must reply,

I am reborn,

I am saved,

I am forgiven,

I am redeemed,

I am made holy in his sight,

I am blessed,

I am loved,

I am a child of God!

I am one with God!

Forever in his sight

I am now made right.

Though I may stumble and fall,

My name he will always call,

Always and forever,

He will leave me never.

Yes, I am a child of God.

That is who he says I am

© 2019 by Tim Carter

There are times I don’t act like and times I don’t consider that I am a child of God.

The last book, well maybe not the last, but for sure the 3rd one.  From living in God’s Rhyme “What Does God Want Me To Tell You.



No, that is not a question, it is his will.

I can speak nothing into existence,

But his word will not let me be still.

From me he has taken my resistance.


So I pray,

What do I say?


All he says is pray,

I’ll lead the way.

I will not lead you astray

In the prayers you will say.


Dear Father in Heaven who sacrificed for me,

Sacrificed your Son so that I, that we, could see

All of your love, all of your glory for eternity.

Believe, be baptized, with you we will be.


Dear Lord, I thank you for your mercy,

In the life I live.

I thank you that all I can be

Is what you give.


Today Lord I pray,

I pray for those who do not know you,

For those who have not heard your word,

For those who have been led astray

From the Truth, the Life and your Way.

I pray that all of your sons and daughters

Will rely on your strength,

That I will surrender my will

And live with the strength of your grace;

For this I pray for everyone.

Lord I pray for those

Without the basics of life,

Food, water and shelter;

For orphans and widows

As you have commanded us;

For those who struggle with

Addictions, and those who feed the addictions;

For those who are abused and their abusers;

For those who are bullied and the bullies;

For those in prison,

In hospitals,

Those who are lost,


Those who have been kidnapped

And their kidnappers,

Those with mental illnesses,

Those who hate,


Those living under oppression,

For persecuted Christians 

In the Middle East,

Especially Coptic Christians 

Living under daily


I pray Lord for

Those who are sick,

Those with terminal illnesses,

For the health and salvation 

Of family and friends.

And Lord, I pray for 

Our country,

I pray that we repent 

From our sins against you

And allow you into our 

Daily lives, no matter where we are,


Finally Lord

I thank you for loving me

For helping me to see

What I should be

When we are we.


Forgive me for my sins,

Keep me from temptation.

But most of all Lord

I ask that you help me

To accept your Holy Spirit

Dwelling within me,

Help me to allow your strength

To be my guide

To show me the answers.


Help me Lord,

Help us all

To answer your call

That after baptism

We go out and spread

The Gospel.


For this I pray in the name of Jesus.

Amen and amen again.

 © 2019 by Tim Carter

Not only share the Gospel with others, but also pray for the needs of others.

I apologize, no I don’t, but There was another poem from  Living In God’s Rhyme that Mary Lou picked.   It’s titled Meet Me.



Lord, meet me, set me free.

You know where I’ve been, you know of my sin.

And although you know, you continue to show

That I am your child with a love so mild.


Lord, you met me when I could not see3te

Beyond my sight, what I thought was right.

You met me in the dirt of my earthly hurt.

My life you did raise so that you I could praise.


Finally found, hearing your sound,

The whisper of your spirit, loud enough that I did hear it.

You met me in uncharted seas with the waves washing over me

And calmed the storms in a life forlorn.


My Morning Prayer:


Meet me, Lord, every day

As I lift my head from my bed.

Help me to pray that each new day

I hear you before rising to my feet.


You, Lord, are my anchor,

You are my healer,

You are my redeemer,

My hope,

My joy.

You, Lord, 

Are my everything.


Without you, Lord, I am nothing.

With you I can be everything

You want me to be, 

Everything that you have for me.


My Evening Prayer:


May my life be as unleavened bread,

Without the yeast as the world serves it,

So when we meet I can hear the words said,

Well done, my good and faithful servant.


© 2019 by Tim Carter

As I was looking through the Contents of the book pages this thought came to me.  Nex wee we should share poems about children.

Thank you for listening 

If you give

Him the times

As you live

His word rhymes

And don’t forget:

We are the King’s kids and you’ll never get rid of us because we are His with Jesus.

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"If you give Him the times As you live His word rhymes "

"We are the King’s kids and you’ll never get rid of us because we are His with Jesus."

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