Season 2 Episode 7, His Grace
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Season 2 Episode 7, His Grace

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Today we are going to read poems about grace, God’s grace.  I found 3 poems with grace in the title and another that is about grace.   Three of the poems are unpublished.

What is God’s grace?

Grace is the unmerited favor of God for those who are under condemnation for their sin.



Having heard God’s call

The apostle Paul,

Hearing God’s Voice

Was able to rejoice.


Having faced the day

We prepare to pray,

Asking God to deliver us.

It is then in Him we must trust.


When we ask for God’s grace

In this world we face,

Do we trust it is done

And the battle is won?


He has said His grace is,

It is here in the present time.

We’ve asked and so He gives

In that moment our needed rhyme.


He is

We are

We asked

He gave


At the moment we ask

To be relieved of the task

The answer to our prayer,

His grace is now there.


We must believe

That we receive

In faith to know

That it is so.

 Ask and receive His grace.

We are only human in this place.

We at times close our eyes,

But as we pray He never denies.



His grace is a prayer away.


A few days later:


If we pray in His will,

What is pleasing to Him,

He will answer our pleas.

He knows our needs.


Whether today or another

When the answer is revealed,

Know that there is no other

By whose grace we are healed.


When we say Amen

As our prayer ends

We will know

It is so.


8/5/19, 8/7/19, tcarter (Facebook)

When I was looking for poems with grace in the title, these two poems were together,

HIS GRACE (pg. 127, God Still Rhymes)

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith –

and this is not from yourselves, it is a gift of God –

not by works so that no one can boast.” (Eph 2: 8-9)  

It is by grace that we embrace 

Our salvation, our hope,

That in this race we see his face,

That in this world we can cope.


What is grace?

His love for us,

A fallen race,

We have lost

Our way, our place,

Since the time

In the Garden.


what is mine

Without thought

Or concern

For what we ought

To do or think.

And as the eye

Does blink

We wonder why

As we wander

As in the journey

The path meanders,

Til the day’s end


 Not knowing

Whether friend

Or other

We did treat

One we did meet

As a brother.


Grace is His love given freely,

A gift we will never deserve.

But it is there for us to accept,

Accept the love he does give

In this life we do live.

And we share that gift

As others we uplift

So as we follow, we serve.


For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus 

to do good works, which God prepared in advance

 for us to do.” (Eph 2:10)


We now share our faith

We received by His grace

As we then serve others,

Our sisters and brothers.


We show our faith by our works,

Which have been prepared for us

By the God of Heaven above

That we may show his love.


Jesus said, “believe, be baptized and spread the gospel”

The gospel is full of his good works;

The healing, the kind words,

The love for mankind that poured out from him.

Good works, helping those in need,

Perhaps planting the seed,

That others may water

So that God may reap the harvest.


We can sit

On our hands

Or for a bit,

Maybe stand.

But how does

That honor

The grace given?

Works are 

A continuation

Of the rhyme.

The rhyme

Of all time,



And future.


Our faith lives though works.

It is a sign that we are heirs.

Without works our faith 

Is but a mist in the air.


As in the gospel James said,

Faith without works is dead?

It is like speaking without a voice.

We have be given the choice.


 We can say it and we can believe

We are saved by grace.

Our lives he has repaired

So what he has prepared,

The works, for us to do,

We help more than a few.


 ©2019 by Tim Carter

These are some of my favorite words in the Bible.  They give me peace and a complete understand of what God has done and what we are to do.  Grace, how amazing.

This next poem is from a Facebook post on God Still Rhymes page.

It is with sadness I look at the world today.  But is with hope that I look forward.  My faith, our faith, must tell the stories we have about a loving and forgiving God.  We must share, I must share, God’s care for us through his son Jesus.




I apologize

For the lies

I have told.

Being so bold

It all gets so old

As it has a hold

Forgoing my needs

As among the weeds

I live every day,

Once knowing what to say

Then turning the other way.

Now the price I dearly pay.


Yes, the lines get longer.

But God’s love is stronger.

And as I resist,

My hands in fists,

I struggle every time

I hear one of God’s rhymes.


If I only confess

And accept his grace

The world I can face.


I need 

To heed

To his will

And be still,

Let him rectify

As I testify

Of the love he gave

For my life to save,

Saving me from myself

And thoughts of worldly wealth.


My sins he accepted

Once I rejected

The life I led,

Living though dead.

God sent his Son

So it would be done.

He took my sin,

What I had been.

He paid the ransom

For what I had done.

He died

For the times

I lied,

For my crimes

Against God almighty.

His Son’s death on a tree.

From death His Son rose,

Thus he defeated

Death for those

Who do believe.


What did God see in me,

In the sinful human me?

He saw the hope in me

That others would see,

That though once undeserving,

What I had been I would no longer be,

That now others, not me, I would be serving.


God knew what I would do.

As he knew me he knows you.


7/7/18, tcarter (Facebook)

God’s grace at work.  On my own I am unworthy until I let Jesus makes me worthy.



Once tattered and torn,

Battered and forlorn,

I have been reborn.

I now praise the name,

Forever the same,

Who fought

And bought 

My freedom, 

The total sum.

Yesterday is gone,

Today there is grace,

Tomorrow a song

As I finish my race

In the loving embrace

Of the He who loved me

Long before I could see.

No longer led astray

With Him I will stay.

I will constantly praise

The one God did raise,

He who has paid the price

For my ungodly life,

My Savior, Jesus,

Who has saved us..


Believe in Him and receive

Life everlasting.

Praise Him in your days,

Days everlasting.


8/24/2020, tcarter (Facebook)

God deserves our praise for the love he has for us and the sacrifice he made for us.  That love, if we accept it, makes us worthy to be in His presence.

Here are a couple of more poems, not  published.  This one was inspired by the writings of the Apostle Paul.


Our soul and the goal

Eternaly intertwinedwe will forevr find

Just how God’s role

In the life we live

Allows us to give

His love to others

Sisters and brothers

We run our race

In this life we face

We will find our pace

And know our place

7/29/21, tcarter

And finally . . . 

I have been reading the Book of Revelation again.  I’m taking my time and understanding more of what it says and connecting a few dots, so to speak.  The following isn’t  meant to be a poem, it is just my thoughts after reading one night.


My wealth comes from God,

The truth of God’s word,

The promise through God’s grace,

The sacrifice, once for all, if His Son,

The faith I have received,

The peace as His Spirit leads  me through my day,

The forgiveness of my sins,

The turning from the world’s ways.

I am wealthy beyond my worth 

As I live on this tattered and torn earth.

This is wealth I cannot buy, nor can I earn.

His love covers me and lifts me up.

My wealth lies in the saving grace of God,

His word, His sacrifice overcoming death.

My wealth is held for me in Heaven for eternity.

8/3/2021, tcarter

 I will live in God’s Rhyme

When my life is no longer mine.

If your give 

Him the times

As you live

His word rhymes

©2018 by Tim Carter


And do not forget; We are the King’s kids and you will never get rid of us because we are His with Jesus.

©2018 by Tim Carter

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