Season 2 Episode 8, Tom Seppo Interview
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Season 2 Episode 8, Tom Seppo Interview


Discussion topics:

Tom knows Dave from High School and Tim from a Bible Study

It Tom sitting in Tim’s old office at BMJ?  Something is wrong, the secretary is sitting in the bosses office, specifically the half occupied by our first interviewee.  It is a small world.

Growing up in a Christian Family.

Tom and his brothers singing group.

His family, wife & children.

What influenced Tom to go into the ministry?  (Highlights/Lowlights ????)

Starting Operation Transformation and its mission.

Hopes for the future.


Podcast followup:

1. Interesting how the connections to people & places has played out in our first 2 interviews.

2. God’s Ways &  Means committee.  

3. Tom’s ability through his faith to pray at class reunion.  I especially liked when he talked about what happens when we come to the end of our life.  Not being pushy, just relaying God’s messaage.  I think as Christians that should be our example, to pray and share our faith where we can, when the door open to allow us to freely do it.  He was asked to pray at the beginning of the event and he did so much more.  That’s Tom.

4. His work with Billy Graham Foundation, being point man for Franklin Graham’s Route 66 Tour with stops at 8 cities.  

5. Tom is another great example of the work God can do through people if they are fully open to His leading.  It has to take anoumous trust and faith to have followed where God has led Tom.

6. We will have to have him back after the Route 66 Tour.

Poem for Operation Transformation from God Still Rhymes

Outreach (for Operation Transformation) (God Still Rhymes, pg. 94)

“Your love has given me great joy

and encouragement, because you,

brother, have refreshed the hearts

of the Lord’s people.”  (Philemon 1:7 NIV)

Saving one life, maybe more,

Giving hope to a neighborhood

With perhaps a rundown store,

Where once despair may have reigned,

Now there is hope for the good

That comes when pride is regained.



More than one,

More than a few

With hope renewed.

How, one may ask in a world askew,

Can “hope” and “less” pray in the same pew?

Well the few are many

When joining together

To give of themselves to the others,

One hand becomes more as they gather.

When one becomes seven,

A number from Heaven,

Then lives will heal

As love they feel.




Chaplain Services




As Jesus gathers in the lost sheep 

He is helped by many of faith.

There is one who gathers the helpers,

Though many they become one,

Joined in faith by the command

To love others as Jesus loves them.

The many become one

Through Jesus, God’s son.

Knowing their strength, together they pray,

Forgoing the loss, together they stay.

Operation Transformation, 

Transforming a community

One soul at a time

Through the unity of faith.

After dinner thoughts 

Making the community a Christian

professing one through faith based

organizations partnered in Christ.

Save the prisoner,

Those in jail, 

Those who hail

From a lost life.

Like a herd of sheep taken in by the Good Shepherd

If people were rain,

There would be a flood at the door,

Rain drops, feet on the floor.

Love for others 

Was the report

From all the support.

Reflection on Outreach

I wrote this poem after attending a fundraising banquet for Operation Transformation.  It is a local non-profit organization that works with civic and service organizations to develop ways to meet the needs of the people of the community.  Rev. Thomas Seppo, the executive director was in the Bible study that I wrote about in God’s Rhyme.”  He also went to school with my younger, much younger, brother.

© 2018 God Still Rhymes by Tim Carter

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Tim and Dave


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