Season 4, Episode 7, God's Forever
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Season 4, Episode 7, God's Forever

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Another year comes to the end.  Still there are those who need to mend.  Our hope is to send the message that will end their oft felt pain as this world rains down upon us.  Again we need Jesus as we look forward, may we be led forward on His path to avoid the world’s wrath.

We need ways of Jesus more than ever and less of the than the ways of the world forever.

As the year 2021 ends let us pray.

Today we have three poems from Living In God’s Rhyme.

CONCLUDING PRAYER (Living In God’s Rhyme, pg 213)


Dear Father in Heaven,

It is not just what you have done,

But what you do every day

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Lord, I know that in prayer

The words need not rhyme.

You are the rhyme and in me

You have blessed me with your words.


I may not always know what to say,

But I know when I take time to pray

Your Holy Spirit living within me will lead the way

So that through my prayer I will not be led astray.


I thank you Father for my salvation

I thank you for loving me so much

That you sent your Son to die for my sins.

For that I do not know what to say,  . . .  I love you.


You have taken this wretch of a man

And lifted him up so he may see

All that in you, he can be.

I pray that your presence will never leave.


No, it is not you who will leave.

I pray that it is not me.

Dear Lord, I pray that your word,

The rhymes you have for us,

Will shake this world with your love

So that one day we will all not just see,

But be in Heaven above.


Save us from ourselves.

Take us off the shelves

Where we collect only dust.

Through your Son, Jesus,

I pray that all believe

And receive your grace.


Amen and Amen


PRAY ALWAYS (Living In God’s Rhyme, pg. 170)


I started my day with a prayer

Knowing that I would also receive.

I know that I must always pray for others,

Pray for the needs of my sisters and brothers.


Through my daily prayer I have found

Prayer can be ever mending.

With the many needs that abound

Prayer we should be never ending.


As my thoughts will wander

And my heart does ponder

My first prayer is to Heaven above 

That my prayer will reflect his love.


God knows our needs.

Through prayer he feeds

Those in need

As we heed.


We are commanded to pray,

To pray, pray without ceasing.

Asking the Holy Spirit for the words to say

We can experience God’s power releasing.


No, we do not release God’s power.

But through our prayer we do not cower

As we feel the spirit within us,

The compassion that comes from Jesus.


While praying I know that God is with me

As I go through my day, in all I see.

As I prayed for the needs of another

He has blessed me along with the others.


I am in the presence of God

And as he listens I do too.

As I pray I am blessed by God

As all who pray will be too.


Everyone needs a prayer.

Everyone needs to pray.

Reflection on Pray Aways:

Again this is not what I thought I would be writing today.  It was two nights before this would be posted, Labor Day evening.  It wasn’t a busy day but it wasn’t a wasted day either.  I was trying to think about what to write and came up with a couple of ideas.  I even had the title to the poem typed on the page.  After a minute of so of looking at the titles of the other poems I had written for the book, this poem was written.  Again, I asked for help and guidance and got it.  Prayer is always there.


ONE THOUGHT BECAME ANOTHER (Living In God’s Rhyme, Pg. 75)


He who spoke creation into existence 

By his word was one with God. 

Watching God’s creation from Heaven

As man strayed he answered God’s call.


Born into his creation he became man.

As one of us he did live

That he might show the way.

To those he loves, his live he did give.


From the beginning he was a blessing

To all of creation, especially man.

Before the beginning, beyond the end

In Jesus we have found more than a friend.


We have found a Savior

Who overcomes our behavior.

This man Jesus as God,

By his life he has saved us.


So we give thanks and praise 

For the live God did raise

For the lives Jesus did save

Through the life he gave.


We now have the hope beyond our lives

That it is by God’s saving grace we do strive

To honor and praise the Almighty God

And the Savior Son he does love.


Knowing what lies ahead,

Turning from sin to God instead,

Just as Paul did running toward the goal,

So must I with all my heart, all my soul.


An After Thought (from before)


Amazing Grace, I have been found,

When you spoke, I heard the sound.

Now blessings are all around

And your love knows no bounds.


Through grace

You spoke

The blessings

Of your love


Reflection on One Thought Became Another


As I have written before, when I pray for not just direction, but the words, poems do not go where I thought they would. I had the last two lines of this poem come to me at work. On the drive home I thought about writing stanzas of praise and thanks to God. I was going to call it Random Thanks and Praise. I just thought I hadn’t written enough praise and thanks into my poems lately. The title of today’s poem should tell you what happened.


Closing Prayer

If you give

Him the times

As you live

His word rhymes

And don’t forget, “We are the Kings kids and you will never get rid of us for we are His with Jesus.”

Living In God’s Rhyme ©2018 by Tim Carter

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"If you give Him the times As you live His word rhymes "

"We are the King’s kids and you’ll never get rid of us because we are His with Jesus."

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