Season 7, Episode 6, Jesus, My Proof Reader
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Season 7, Episode 6, Jesus, My Proof Reader

Tim Carter sees God everywhere, even in the most difficult of times, reminding us that God is present in all moments of life.

"I will let God give to me his all as I hear his call."

Tim Carter is a Christian poet and author. He has written two books of Christian poetry, "God's Rhyme: Expressions of Faith" and "Living in God's Rhyme."

This is Tim Carter's story...

Tim Carter sees God in the good and bad moments of life. He sees God in the smiles of strangers, in the birth of new life, and even in death. He is reminded that God is present everywhere, even in the most difficult of times..

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. The power of rhyme in communicating and connecting with God

2. The importance of being aware of one's own judgmental tendencies and working to overcome them

3. The ways that God shows himself to us in everyday life, both in the good and the bad


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Chapter Summaries:

1) Tim is Tim's brother Dave's brother tim is Tim and Dave is Dave tim doesn't like to hear himself talk on the podcast, so he changed the name of the podcast to Living in the rhyme from Living in Grief's rhyming.

2) Tim and Dave are going to read and discuss some poems that have encouraged them as they have lived them. The first poem is called Trust to Be Led. The second one is called. I removed the log from my eye and I will forgive as I live. Recently, Dave has found that he is becoming a worse driver. There was a glass house on the lake shore between Marysville and St. Clair, Michigan. Dave used to throw stones at people. He used to do that too. But now he's aware of it less and less. He thinks it helps us to be aware of things, so we're less likely to do them.

3) This week especially for some reason, I feel his grasp has been a little bit tighter. I find myself asking for forgiveness more often, but I also find myself not doing as many things that I think I need to ask for forgiveness for. Believing and being around and being with Jesus is fun.

4) All right. That was a good discussion. There was some good thoughts and questions.

5) The rhymes are what got me started. I had to give up a few stances because I could not find a Rhyming word that made sense. I kind of liked where I was going, but because I started rhymes, I knew I needed to finish.

6) The first two poems are Christian poetry that aren't published. The second poem is found on page 31, and it's called Your Love. Jesus' love is perfect more than man. Jesus is a loving and righteous deity. He loves people lovingly even when they do wrong things in their lives.

7) Tim was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. He was treated with radiation in the hospital for three days and 25 low dose radiation treatments. After that. The hospital where he had his treatment at was 45 miles away from home, but they took him there at 7:30 instead of 800. Tim was able to get back to work by 8:30.

8) As his faith expanded through church and through reading. He wants to read more of the Old Testament as it gives him more of a desire to read the Bible. He is not a Bible expert, but he has been in groups with discussion about the Old and New Testament.

9) Tim and Jesus are running a race two weeks in a row. They were talking about the director of their show earlier. Tim and the director got together this weekend and they can't wait to be with Jesus next week. They are going to do a podcast called Preparation. Dave is in Florida. Paul and Tim are in Michigan. Dave is thankful they are there. Dave has been to the hospital before. Dave and Tim have been hospitalized recently. Tim and Dave will talk about this in the show notes. They will also talk about Tim's and Dave's relationship with Jesus.

10) Dave and Dave pray for their listeners and viewers. They pray for the nation of Ukraine and its people. They also pray for those who have not yet accepted the gift of your grace by faith. They are the King's kids, and you will never get rid of them because they are his with Jesus.

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"If you give Him the times As you live His word rhymes "

"We are the King’s kids and you’ll never get rid of us because we are His with Jesus."

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