Season 8, Episode 7, God's Open Door
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Season 8, Episode 7, God's Open Door

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Today, poems about the joy of the peace of living our days with God in our lives, living in the promise and hope we have in Jesus.

THE GATHERING LAMB (God’s Rhyme, pg. 110)

“We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us 

has turned to our own way; and the Lord has 

laid on him the iniquity of us all.”  Isaiah 53:6, NIV

The Lamb of God, with God before time,

perfect, as is God, in every way,

before the words were written in lines

Jesus, the unblemished Lamb was there.

Jesus and God, with the Holy Spirit,

indivisible, the Trinity;

so the Lamb of God is also God,

who saves our souls for eternity.

We, living on this earth, a herd of sheep,

we wander, are lost not knowing the cost,

not knowing, we cause a pain so deep

that God sent Jesus to find and save us.

An earthly shepherd has a special one,

one of the herd that seeks the wandering, 

those sheep that are lost, that have gone astray,

returning them home before the day is done.

Our Heavenly Master has sent His Son

to find the lost and to gather the strays,

to bring us home before the end of days.

The Lamb of God, a never ending search.

Before we knew Him

He knew who we were,

He knew our thoughts,

He knew our prayers.

And He knew of our rebellion,

Before, He has always known.

Yet He loves us still

and He always will.

He sent His Son

to be the one

that would seek us out

even as we doubt.

He sent His Son to gather us in,

the unblemished Lamb, the Sacrifice,

to pay the price, to die for our sins

so that with God we are finally put right!



The result of Bible study.  The lamb who gathers us in, who died for our sins.


BLESSED IS LOVE (God’s Rhyme, pg. 25)

Blessed are they

who love the Lord

thy God,

for they shall love

one another

& those around them.

We are commanded

to love God

our Father

with all our heart

& all our soul.

And after, to love

Thy neighbor

As we would

love ourselves

who are created

in the image

of our Creator.

Love with all 

our hearts

& all our souls

as He did

who saved our souls

on Calvary’s hill.

Father, Son & Holy Spirit;

One & the same

for eternity.

Likewise, the Ten Commandments

Jesus said are one;

“Love one another

as I have loved you.” 

The love that God commands

is the love He has given.

Blessed are we

who accept His love,

for we can return

the blessing.

Blessed are they

who love the Lord 

for they, like God,       

are love,

& love, like God,

goes on forever.



“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith –

and this is not from yourselves, it is a gift of God –

not by works so that no one can boast.” (Eph : 8-9, NIV)  

It is by grace that we embrace 

Our salvation, our hope,

That in this race we see his face,

That in this world we can cope.

What is grace?

His love for us,

A fallen race.

We have lost

Our way, our place,

Since the time

In the Garden.


what is mine

Without thought

Or concern

For what we ought

To do or think.

And as the eye

Does blink

We wonder why

As we wander,

As in the journey

The path meanders,

Til the day’s end

Not knowing

Whether friend

Or other

We did treat

One we did meet

As a brother.

Grace is his love given freely,

A gift we will never deserve.

But it is there for us to accept,

Accept the love he does give

In this life we do live.

And we share that gift

As others we uplift

So as we follow, we serve.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus 

to do good works, which God prepared in advance

 for us to do.” (Eph 2:10, NIV)

We now share our faith

We received by his grace

As we then serve others,

Our sisters and brothers.

We show our faith by our works,

Which have been prepared for us

By the God of Heaven above

That we may show his love.

Jesus said, “believe, be baptized and spread the gospel.”

The gospel is full of his good works;

The healing, the kind words,

The love for mankind that poured out from him.

Good works, helping those in need,

Perhaps planting the seed,

That others may water

So that God may reap the harvest.

We can sit

On our hands

Or for a bit,

Maybe stand.

But how does

That honor

The grace given?

Works are 

A continuation

Of the rhyme,

The rhyme

Of all time,



And future.

Our faith lives though works.

It is a sign that we are heirs.

Without works our faith 

Is but a mist in the air.

As in his letter James said,

Faith without works is dead.

It is like speaking without a voice.

We have been given the choice.

We can say it and we can believe

We are saved by grace.

Our lives he has repaired

So what he has prepared,

The works, for us to do,

We help more than a few.


DRAW ME CLOSER (Living In God’s Rhyme, pg. 122)

Dear Lord, draw me closer to you

In all I desire in all I do.

Lord, open my heart to your Holy Spirit,

Your spirit that dwells within me.

Lord, I do not want to knock on the door

So that you may open it for me,

I want the door to always be open.

I never want it to close.

Those moments when we share

My prayers and your answers

Are special moments I pray

Will never end, but continue

Throughout my day.

With the door open 

I allow you to lead me from temptation,

I allow myself to be in your presence,

 One with you, Abba, Father.

Abba, that relationship

I pray will never end.

Thank you, Father

For leading me to 

The way,

The truth

And the life 

With you 

Through your Son, Jesus.



AS ONLY YOU CAN (Living In God’s Rhyme, pg. 116)

I look at the clouds and I wonder aloud

What lies beyond the skies?

What ever can be though looking I cannot see.

I look at the wonder of it all and I hear your call.

Beyond the skies is Heaven above,

Where there are no whys, just your love.

But first we share in this world of ours

For what we care in each day’s hours.

The mountains, the valleys,

The meadows, the deserts,

And the vast deep waters,

They all exist inside of us.

You spoke the earth into existence,

You breathed your breath into man,

Your power knew no resistance.

It was only and is only you who can.

May we live in your glory,

Be a part of your story.

May we every day strive

To have you in our lives.

May we see the splendor,

Of all you do, of who we are

As we shine brighter than the stars

When we let you, Lord, be who you are.



Dear Heavenly Father we come to you in prayer as we end today’s podcast.  Dave and I thank You for Your leading us through the day and into tomorrow.  We pray that today has been pleasing to You and honors Your glory.

We pray for our listeners and viewers; for their needs, healing and the salvation of those who have not yet accepted the gift of Your grace by faith. 


We pray, Lord, for this world in which we live.  Father, as Christians lead us to proclaiming the gospel where ever we are.  May we do so in a loving  way.  Lead us to the truth of the days we are living in.  We pray for those affected by hurricane Ian that they are able to recover from the damage done to property and their lives.  We pray for recovery to all life and property.  We pray for the nation of Ukraine and its people; its leaders, those who have fled the country to find safety, and those who stayed  to fight the invading army of their enemy.   May their faith and determination be an example to the entire world.

Dear Lord, prepare us and our listeners and viewers for the coming week.  We pray that it is You we live for and You who leads us.  As we walk with you  this week, may it be Your hand clasped around our hand so we may feel the grasp of Your love.

We pray in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer.



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