Beware, Words From The Kitchen, #89
Poetry of Christian FaithFebruary 01, 202300:33:18

Beware, Words From The Kitchen, #89

89, 9-9, SHOW NOTES & COPYRIGHTS, (Scheduled 2/2/2023)

Today we will be reading and discussing 3 poems from the Last Notebook, an unpublished manuscript from 2020.
March 29, 2020

An interesting evening last night and an interesting morning today. Interesting, more like enlightening.
The following poem is a result of last night’s revelation from God. This morning when I opened my Bible, it opened to Psalm 31. This was not of my doing. I know that the poem is rather cryptic. But is what I believe I was lead to write.

3/29/2020, tcarter

4/3/2020, tcarter

April 25, 2020

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I have found that it is one thing to stay home for days on end. It is completely different when told to STAY home. I have had thoughts of not writing anymore. I even talked to God about it. So as I was walking to the kitchen this morning the first two lines of the following poem came to mind. I knew I had to write them down. Over the next half hour more lines came to me and I went to the kitchen to write them down. Finally I sat and wrote the last 8 lines or so. The Last Notebook is now finished,



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Tim and Dave

"If you give Him the times As you live His word rhymes "
"We are the King’s kids and you’ll never get rid of us because we are His with Jesus."

If you give
Him the times
As you live
His word rhymes

And don’t forget, “We are the Kings kids and you will never get rid of us for we are His with Jesus.”

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