Living In God's Rhyme Podcast,Peter Foxwell interview Part 1
Poetry of Christian FaithSeptember 15, 202200:58:35

Living In God's Rhyme Podcast,Peter Foxwell interview Part 1

Peter Foxwell Interview, Part 1

Today we are going to share Part 1 of our interview with Peter Foxwell, the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Clyde, MI, just outside of Port Huron. This the church I attend.
I have always found the parts of Peter’s story that I knew to be interesting. I also find his faith and teachings to be inspirational.



Introduce Peter

His Journey:
Born and raised in Scotland
After high school, attended Aberdeen University, graduated with law degree
Encountered Jesus second year of college, changed trajectory of his life
Became a lawyer
Years he was led to be led to the ministry
Attended Divinity School in Grand Rapids, Michigan
After graduation he returned home only to return to attend Seminary in Michigan
Met his wife, a Michigan native
After graduating from Seminary Peter and his wife spent 7 years in Canada in ministry
Last 25 years at Cornerstone Church

What would Peter tell people about Jesus?
Christian faith
Jesus lived, He was real
Son of God
Jesus intercedes for us with His Father
Talking to people about Jesus

Recent College Experience:
PHD in Leadership
5 years
Discussion on the process ad research
Stress of pastors during Covid
Interviews with pastors

Further Discussion:
Stress & struggles during Covid
Need for churches to have online presence

End Part 1