The Color of God's Love
Poetry of Christian FaithJanuary 26, 202300:33:25

The Color of God's Love

88, 9-8, SHOW NOTES & COPYRIGHTS, (Scheduled 1/26/2022)

Today we are going to follow up on a thought that came to me during last week’s podcast – Colors, In looking through poems I found 3 with the word color in the title. Unfortunately the last one I hoped to us is rather lengthy and I couldn’t break it down into sections that would make it easier to understand and discuss. The title of it was Colors. That leaves 2.

The first poem, A Flood of Colors, I was challenged to write. In 2019 I attended Book Con, a national book fair in New York City. I was one of three authors highlighted by my publisher. One of the other authors was also an artist. Over lunch one day he challenged me to write a poem about colors. The following poem is the result of that challenge.


The next poem was written in august of 2021. It happens to have a color word in the title.

The next poem was written on January 13th of this year. It is one of my favorite poems. It, as usual did it end up like I thought it would.


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Tim and Dave

"If you give Him the times As you live His word rhymes "
"We are the King’s kids and you’ll never get rid of us because we are His with Jesus."

If you give
Him the times
As you live
His word rhymes

And don’t forget, “We are the Kings kids and you will never get rid of us for we are His with Jesus.”

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