Where is God? #95
Poetry of Christian FaithMarch 19, 202300:38:37

Where is God? #95

95, 10-5, SHOW NOTES & COPYRIGHTS, (Scheduled 3/16/23)

Last week I asked for prayers that God would answer a question: Should I read poems I have written and posted on Facebook about the times we are living in. My concern was the political content of some of the poems. And again, I am stating that it is not the politics of today I want to discuss, rather it is the fight of good and evil that overrides all things.

About 3 hours after finishing recording last week’s podcast I went to the computer, got on line and checked our bank statement. Then a thought came to me while looking at the 3 books on the desk next to a pile of podcast files. I wondered to myself, are the poems in here and is this what God has led me to. I picked up Living in God’s Rhyme and was led to 3 poems.

I love the answers to prayers.

The first poem is found on page 114.

Reflection on Is This The Human Condition
I think that I mentioned before that I had no idea what direction the book I am writing here would lead me. Although I talk of reading God’s word and receiving the words of the poems from God, I am probably the last person, if I were on the outside looking in, that I would think could have that relationship. It has grown since I started writing this book. But the poems continue to surprise and amaze me. I was reading Hosea before writing and I just stopped and wondered at the times God’s chosen people walked away from Him and then when trouble came, well you know what we all do at those times. Today we are in the same place. I had no idea I would what I would write other than the title

The next poem is found on page 159
Reflection on Meaningless Words
This poem started after an afternoon of going over words that rhyme in my head. I had written a poem in the morning and found that joy and satisfaction of writing again. The first three stanzas came to me as I was watching TV. I had to get paper and a pencil so I would not forget the words. I wrote of this problem in a book years ago, the title of which explains everything, I Can’t Remember the Things I Forgot. It was short with a lot of blank pages. Ok, back to the poem. After making a grilled cheese sandwich I asked for guidance and the words to make sense of my thoughts. This is it, a collaboration between God and me. But somehow I am sure He was there at the beginning and the whole poem

The last poem is found on page 177.

Closing Prayer

And this week may we remember the words from 2 Corinthians, 12:9;
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you,
my power is perfect in weakness.”
At the beginning and at the end
And every moment in between,
May our strength be for His strength
So His perfection may be seen.
(from God Still Rhymes, Concluding Prayer)

We pray in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer.
Amen (2/26/23)

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